Manager, Makerspace Program

Location: Hong Kong

Position: Manager-Makerspace Program

Shuyuan Mission statement:
The ISF Academy Shuyuan is based on the classical Chinese learning sanctuary and the
Platonic Academy; the goal of which is independent study and enquiry under the guidance of a
master. Set in the 21st century, the courses that the Shuyiuan program offers aim to promote
deep and thoughtful scholarship in a multidisciplinary environment, allowing selected students to
pursue challenging branches of knowledge beyond the regularly-taught curriculum. These
courses require long-term dedication, as the skills being developed are cumulative and form the
foundation for rigorous, life-long learning. Our ultimate goals are the development of sound
scholarship, solid academic study, challenging research opportunities, intellectual curiosity and
practical wisdom.

Reports to: Director Shuyuan

Direct Reports: Makerspace Teacher(Primary), Tinkerers (whole school), Technicians

Regular Meetings:
Director Shuyuan
Shuyuan Team meetings
Lead and keep minutes for Makerspace Meetings
Attend Design Department meetings in Secondary, and planning meetings in Primary School
and Pre-School as required

Shuyuan MakerSpace Program Manager


● Develop and maintain positive working relationships with Shuyuan
team and Primary and Secondary Heads of Faculty and teachers
● Develop the capacity of ISF teachers to implement makerspace
education through offering demonstration workshops, curriculum
planning sessions and the technical expertise needed to access the
makerspace technology
● Examine ATLAS and other curriculum databases to identify possible
curriculum connections with makerspace
● Recommend constructivist teaching and learning strategies proactively
to teachers
● Motivate Heads of Faculty teachers to implement constructivism in
their lessons
● Develop the Shuyuan Makerspace program through a sustained
review and evaluation of the program
● Provide clear, accurate and informed lesson structure and content with
respect to achieving authentic learning outcomes through a diverse
range of finished products, student performance and wellbeing goals
for teachers
● Manage the Primary Makerspace Teacher (or teachers) , use of the
space, and allocation of materials.
● Manage the makerspace technicians and administrative procedures.
● Actively manage, supervise and support all activities in the Secondary
● Coordinate the use of the Makespaces with classroom teachers,
assess the PD needs, and make curriculum recommendations.
● Plan, lead and attend the Shuyuan Summer FabLearn program at
Columbia (NYC) each year in conjunction with the Director of
● Organise and oversee the TInkerer program for faculty across all three
sections of the school
● Motivate the Tinkerers to develop future focussed, authentic learning
experiences that will develop the skills, knowledge and values required
in curriculum based classes or beyond the classroom
● Monitor and implement school wide Health and Safety policies


● Membership of the Shuyuan Team meetings
● Works collaboratively with Director Shuyuan, and faculty across all
three sections of the school.
● Promotes the development of skills, knowledge and understanding for
teachers that are in line with the Academy policies and strategic
● Works collaboratively across the whole school to share resources and
promote academic performance, well-being and school spirit
● Support student projects, eg. personal projects, EE, IAs, CAS, Primary
School project day, etc.


● Well-developed public speaking skills and written communication skills
● Confident communicator and presenter
● Proven ability to present the program in public forums on behalf of the
ISF Academy
● Ability to share ideas and information clearly, concisely and accurately
and diplomatically to a wide range of audiences: students, parents,
teachers and friends of the Academy
● Ability to document clearly, concisely and accurately the curricula
● Ability to document clearly, concisely and accurately student progress
● Liaise with external specialists or service providers regarding
the planning and implementation of the curriculum
● Bilingual in English and Mandarin is desirable


● Experience with managing sustained change
● Proven strong team membership and management skills but not
necessarily as the team leader
● Interpersonal skills
● Proven self-motivated and self-directed curriculum research and
design skills
● Strong oral and written communication skills
● Commitment to valuing each student and providing an educational
environment in which they can flourish to achieve excellence
● Decision-making and problem solving
● Attention to details
● Willingness to work irregular hours, as some activities will take place in
late afternoon, evenings, or weekends
● Committed to developing own professional learning
● Resilient and self aware
● Teaching experience in a STEM field

Technical Skills

● Bachelor’s degree in engineering, or STEM field
● Strong IT skills
● Understanding of design and iterative process
● Willingness to learn new technologies
● Robotics experience in land based, air based, water based