Makerspace Coordinator

Location: Seoul, South Korea

Makerspace Coordinator with MYP Design

Dwight School Seoul seeks a highly qualified and experienced Makerspace Coordinator/teacher who can start as early as January 2021(with some time flexibility). The ideal candidate has a wealth of IB Design education experience with a capability of implementing a richer business minded technology curriculum that can lead students to become future technology and design entrepreneurs. Bilingual in English and Korean with an understanding of local mindsets in an international education environment preferred but not required.

Job Title: Makerspace Coordinator 

Reports to: Principals, Head of School , Dean of Technology and Innovation

Liaises with: Head of Design, Upper and Lower school teachers, Facilities, Teachers


The Makerspace at Dwight is an exciting and inspiring place that sparks students’ imagination and creativity. It is a whole school resource that encourages and supports the Design process, not just in STEAM subjects but across the whole curriculum from Kindergarten to Grade 12. It provides an inspiring, safe and creative environment where teachers and students can explore and realize their ideas in a practical problem solving way. It encourages everyone to be risk takers and to develop their ‘spark of genius’.

A unique feature is that the Makerspace doubles as the Design department which delivers both the Product and Digital MYP Design curriculum. Spread over two adjoining rooms all the resources are shared by both the upper school design students and all the lower school students who use the Makerspace; the older students act as mentors and assistants for the younger students.

The Makerspace has a wide range of equipment, the manual tools and machinery you would expect in a modern well equipped workshop. Including a range of manufacturing equipment including a Laser Cutter, a CNC Router, 3D printers, Vinyl Cutter and a Sign printer.

The Makerspace is also proactive in supporting teachers who require help designing and creating learning resources for their subjects. For instance, Mathematics teachers make Clinometers and protractors, Chinese Language teachers make puppets for the plays students write and Individuals and Society teachers get their students to create 3D topographical models.

The  makerspace coordinator has a wealth of IB Design Education experience [Upper and Lower School], or comes from one of the related STEAM [Science,Technology, Engineering, Art and Maths], subjects and/or experience in setting up and running a whole school Makerspace or Fablab. He/She has experience in managing a large budget, organising and maintaining a wide range of resources, managing teachers and technicians and the ability to be flexible and creative when responding to the needs of the school community.  He/She is also a boundlessly resourceful, imaginative, energetic person with new creative ideas with a sense of humour. 


The Makerspace Coordinator is a highly qualified and experienced teacher who has a wealth of IB Design education experience with a capability of implementing a richer business minded technology curriculum that can lead students to become future technology and design entrepreneurs. She/He has an understanding of local mindsets in an international education environment.

  • Facilitating classes and training for students and faculty to promote a problem solving based learning and high tech design thinking in a creative Makerspace environment. 
  • Creating innovative Makerspace activities in conjunction with the IB curriculum.
  • Leading faculty and students in developing and implementing new innovative learning opportunities
  • Overseeing day to day Makerspace activities
  • Creating and maintaining faculty & students manuals as well as student projects
  • Managing the schedule of the Makerspace effectively and efficiently.
  • Attending all departmental and school faculty meetings, etc.
  • Ensuring that all equipment is operated in a safe and appropriate manner.
  • Being committed to student learning, personal growth, and professional development
  • Establishing and maintaining cooperative relationships within the department



  • Enjoying teaching students of all ages. Being able to organize and inspire students to be risk takers, while maintaining a safe working environment.
  • Managing the Makerspace as a whole school resource, providing  practical support, help and guidance. Working with the Makerspace technician and Design teachers to respond to requests, sharing expertise and resources with all staff and students.
  • Making sure the Makerspace is a safe and efficient workspace. Following a daily, weekly and monthly schedule of maintaining tools, machines and equipment. Ensuring training is provided for equipment including new CAD/CAM technology, design software and hardware.
  • Working with the procurement department to acquire materials and equipment. Maintaining existing equipment and resources, managing a stock control system, and a complete Inventory.
  • Creating a development plan for the future of the Makerspace; together with the Head of Design producing budget proposals that inform the school management of  future financial investment requirements.