Makerspace and Outdoor Program Teacher – emphasis K-3 grades

Location: Ojai, California, USA

Full Time Teaching/Facilitating Position: Rock Tree Sky Learning Community is a K-12 enrichment center for homeschooling families with 50+ students located in Ojai, California. The program’s philosophy is based on self-directed education and democratic schooling, in which children are free to choose their curriculum on a daily basis. Our time is split between a makerspace and a farm. There are no classrooms but instead workshops where children may engage in a variety of creative activities and learning opportunities. We are seeking a full-time teacher to work closely with our Roots children – K-3 grade – and also with older students as there are no enclosed classrooms.

We are looking for a teacher with at least several years of experience working with young children, and with an interest in democratic, self-directed education. In addition to offering learning opportunities in basic academic and social skills for K-3, teachers are asked to share special interests like art, music, other languages, sewing, cooking, outdoor skills, computer science, etc. with students of all ages. It is important to be comfortable with all ages, K-12. Teacher certification is a plus though not required.

Rock Tree Sky provides a unique environment where students are trusted and seen as inherently self-motivated to learn about their world and become successful adults. Play is valued at all ages. Teachers facilitate learning opportunities that students can choose to participate in. Children may also choose other projects or forms of play.

The Roots teacher will be working in partnership with Inspire Charter School – a public charter school for homeschooling families that provides public funding for enrichment programs like Rock Tree Sky. An important part of this position is helping to make students’ learning visible to families and charter schools through taking pictures, documenting observations and conversations, and supporting older students in maintaining portfolios.

Visit us on the web at for more information about the program. Position is open until filled. To apply or learn more about the position please send a cover letter and resume to