Maker Training and Community Specialist

Location: Cambridge, MA, USA

TRAINING AND COMMUNITY SPECIALIST, MIT Innovation Initiative (MITii), to aid the program director in conceiving, formulating, implementing, and improving elements of MIT’s makersystem.  This includes identification of new equipment and technologies, new making activities and programs, educational materials/techniques for classes and training, the design and management of MIT’s new and flagship makerspaces, and the formation and sustaining of maker communities.  The position will involve using extensive knowledge of safety, manual and CNC/digital fabrication equipment/technology, design, best making practices, and creative and innovative approaches. Will serve in a key role in Project Manus’ efforts to improve the student experience at MIT, including inside and outside of the classroom. Will also support Project Manus’ contributions to the nascent Higher Education Maker Consortium and the activities and programs of the Higher Education Makerspace Initiative.