Learning Technologist

Location: Liverpool, England
The position will be part of FACTLab, FACT’s transdisciplinary hub for practice-based research and innovation. The Learning Technologist will lead its Learning strand, focusing on the creative and critical use of technology, open source tools, and collaborative making. The position will operate within FACT’s artistic and research programmes to embed and develop a philosophy of learning-by-doing throughout the organisation working across multiple projects and audience groups.
The Learning Technologist will particularly contribute to FACT’s schools programme, engaging schools, teachers and students in creative use of digital tools and promoting an approach to education based on experimentation, innovation and enquiry. The position will also support FACT’s commitment to talent development, furthering the hands-on technological skills and knowledge of individuals and groups such as, creative professionals, residents, practitioners, graduate students, young people, communities, entrepreneurs, and staff.

Application closing date Monday 27 March, 12pm