Instructional Specialist

Instructional Specialist (Nevada Partners)

Intel, Nevada Partners, and Skybot have joined together to create a new program for clients who are interested in the advancement of forward-looking technologies, tools, and platforms. The program focuses on self-efficacy, project-based learning, and a program development plan and access to advanced technology the clients can bring their personal development plans to life increasing the clients’ competitiveness, employability and mindset. Clients have the opportunity to work with tools and equipment in the innovations lab to explore the application of science and technology with hand-on activities. The Intel Innovation Generation program is committed to helping clients develop the exploratory mindset needed for the jobs of tomorrow.

The Instructional Specialist will lead a group of 25 clients from Nevada Partners Youth Program, ages 18 – 24, through a curriculum intended to support the development of Science, Technology, Engineering, Entrepreneurship and Drone application and operations. The Intel Innovation Generation program runs 12 — 14 weeks, 4 days a week, and the theme or program may vary at the start of each new cycle.


Facilitates/coordinates a rigorous Science, Technology, and Drone Education curriculum with career-related instruction; assesses and provides for differentiation to assure student progress while managing the learning environment.

Employ a variety of instructional techniques, instructional media, coaching and performance assessments, which guide the learning process toward academic achievement and curriculum goals.

Establishes clear objectives for all lessons, curricular units, and projects and communicates these objectives to the students.

Teaches students to solve problems, think logically, creatively professionally, and work collaboratively.

Models enthusiasm for Science & Technology Education (STEM) and demonstrates current innovations in the industry, including competition within the global economy.

Integrating the use of innovation lab – hardware, software and Internet resources – in support of student learning and assist in meeting Nevada Partners standards for subject-area and technology-learning objectives.

Implements all policies and rules governing client life and conduct and develops and informs students of reasonable rules concerning classroom procedures and behavior and maintains a safe and orderly classroom environment.

Direct all training, lab work or classes regarding innovation lab use, coordinating instruction to meet technology proficiency goals.

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