About the FabLearn Fellows Program

FabLearn Fellows groupThe FabLearn Fellows are experienced educators in formal and informal learning spaces who contribute to research about making and makerspaces in education and the development of open-source educational resources.

Despite the popularity of the maker movement and FabLabs in education, many teachers still work in isolation, cut off from other practitioners doing similar projects, as well as from researchers in the learning sciences. One of the main objectives of the FabLearn Fellows program is to bring researchers and practitioners together to help bridge these gaps. By connecting educators with each other and with researchers in the field, we hope the Fellows will learn from each others’ experiences, share these lessons with their local community, and together, create educational materials for use internationally.

Cohort 3 (2020-2022)

The selected Fellows represent a vast array of maker educators who are making a difference in children’s lives worldwide. They come from schools, community organizations, and museums, and serve populations that include several age groups in North and South America, the Caribbean, Africa, Asia, and Europe. They are newcomers and veterans devoted to the idea of empowering learners, immersing them in rich learning environments, and connecting educational spaces and communities. The Fellows are trying to create deep, impactful learning experiences for children, avoiding the trivialization of maker education.

FabLearn Fellows will create educational resources and participate in research aimed to increase authentic learning opportunities for youth worldwide. They will be given opportunities to expand their leadership and activities in the maker movement in education, and share their amazing ideas and projects to help other educators around the world.

Nadine Abu Tuhaimer – Jordan
Ridhi Aggarwal – India
Or Benifla – Israel
Edward Bringas – United States
Kristin Burrus – United States
Lina Cannone – Italy
Ousia Foli-Bebe – Togo
Débora Garofalo – Brazil
William “Billy” Green – United States
Greg Houghton – United Kingdom
Michael Hurtado – Perú
Lars Beck Johannsen – Denmark

Toni Marie Kaui – United States
Michael Mumbo – Kenya
Mouhamadou Ngom – Senegal
Nusarin Nusen – Thailand
Brenda Nyakoa – Kenya
Martin Oloo – Kenya
Charles Pimentel – Brazil
Lior Schenk – United States
Safoura Seddighin – Iran
Federica Selleri – Italy
Rafael Vargas – Puerto Rico
Xiaoling Zhang – China

It was a daunting task to select only 24 FabLearn Fellows from overwhelming number of high quality applications from 44 countries. The quality of the applicant pool demonstrates the strength of the movement that is bringing project-based, constructionist, maker education to learning spaces everywhere, and the global aspirations of educators worldwide to make education better for all children.

Cohort 2 (2016)

Cohort 1 (2014)

The initial  FabLearn Fellows cohort is a diverse group of 18 talented professionals representing a range of K-12 schools, non-profits, and universities in six countries.