Digital Scholarship Librarian @ UC Santa Cruz

The University of California, Santa Cruz seeks a Digital Scholarship Librarian to join the University Library Digital Scholarship Commons (DSC), a fast-growing program that is providing students with access to technology and learning through experimentation in a low barrier environment; fostering student engagement with digital research in and out of the classroom; and supporting faculty growth through pedagogy and research support.

The DSC has recently expanded its programs and now includes two physical spaces: The DSC and the Digital Scholarship Innovation Studio (DSI). Together, the programs seek to support the full life cycle of 3D data: 3D scanning, 3D modeling, Virtual Reality, 3D printing, and preservation of 3D data. The incoming Librarian will support internal growth, community building, and partnerships with faculty. The DSI is in its early stages and the incoming Librarian will help shape the service and determine the direction of the program.

Are you interested in contributing to a robust suite of programs aimed at integrating digital methods into teaching, research, and individual experimentation? If you have a background in 3D data with experience in 3D modeling or Virtual/Augmented Reality creation for education, we invite you to apply today!


The Initial Review Date is July 19, 2019. All applications received by this date are guaranteed consideration.

This is an Academic position in the Academic Librarian Series, 100% time appointment, and is eligible for full University benefits. The successful candidate will join and serve as a member of the Librarians Association of the University of California (LAUC).

For a complete list of qualifications and competencies, please visit the job posting here:

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