Design Technology, Robotics and Engineering Teacher

Location: Honolulu, Hawaii, U.S.A.

Robotics and Engineering Faculty

The Punahou Design Technology and Engineering Department (DT) team’s mission is to build and maintain a student-centered, school-wide environment designed to empower the development of the social-emotional skills, technical abilities, design theory and computer science/design software needed to translate the Aims of a Punahou Education into positive and purposeful action in the real world. As a DT faculty member, you will be dedicated to empowering students to take purposeful action. You will teach students to look for the educational opportunities in taking on the challenges that they encounter, discover and create. Students learn more deeply when they are engaged in solving problems and working on challenges that inspire them. Through the DT curriculum, students encounter a continuous and articulated set of technical skills and building experiences. As their understanding of problems and challenges in the world grows so too does their ability to design, build, test and deploy increasingly realistic and sustainable solutions. If you thrive in a fast paced, innovative, creative and collaborative environment, we invite you to apply!

Qualifications Include:

» Bachelor’s degree in Education or related field. Master’s degree preferred.

» Five (5) years of experience working with Robotics, Engineering, Wood and/or Metal Fabrication, Programming, Design Thinking or Design Technology in a high school or university, or an equivalent combination of education and experience

» Experience working with students from diverse backgrounds; an understanding of the developmental needs of adolescents, sensitivity to each individual student’s needs; and ability to appreciate the variety of perspectives offered by individual viewpoints, disciplines and cultural understandings.

For a detailed job description and to apply, visit For more information call 808.943.3678.