Units to build up, down, and out: possibilities with a laser cut building system

Riley-BuildWhen: Sunday, October 16

Where: Room 102 – CERAS Building, Stanford

Who: Erin Riley (Greenwich Academy, Greenwich, CT, USA)


Imagine the possible using laser-cut parts to make enclosures for electronics, lamps, automata or sculptures: this hands-on workshop will inspire participants to create their very own unique light-up art object.

Encouraging participants to build up, down, and out, the workshop will make available laser-cut baseplates and walls along with hangers, lamp bases, chains, cams and gears. We will also talk about the creative use of beautiful recyclables to breathe new life into the “leftovers” from around your makerspace; no more wasting those last bits of glue or paint from a bottle or the “odds-and-ends” that land in the scrap pile.

Participants will not leave this workshop without having made something of their own. Time will be dedicated to building a light-up lantern or lamp using the building system. All digital files and workshop resources will be shared with participants.


Workshop schedule:

  • Inspiration (10 min.)
    • Overview of workshop
    • Examples of units in building
    • Slideshow
  • Exploration (15 min.)
    • Parts inventory
    • Identification of parts
    • Explore connections
    • Examine samples
    • About recyclables
  • Riley-Photo Build a light up art object (65 min)
  • Wrap up (10 min.)