Musical Magic Workshop

Musical MagicWhen: Friday, October 14, 10am – 3pm (tentative time)

Where: CERAS Building, Stanford (exact location TBD)

Juliet  Wanyiri (Foondi Workshops, Nairobi, Kenya)
Omar Crespo Cardona (Link4 – The Association for Innovation and Sustainable Development in Guatemala)


The theme of this workshop is: Low-cost, up-cycled musical synergy of art and science.

This workshops involves the design and fabrication of low cost musical instruments such as a drum, a flute and a guitar using affordable and recycled materials. It also incorporates the use of electronics to create an interactive interface, this way showing the harmony between art and science. The workshop walks participants through the experience of designing and building simple musical instruments that provide real-time feedback in a playful and fun environment. This way, learners get to learn both how to design projects that incorporate fabrication and electronics, as well as learn how to play musical instruments using visual music notes.

Arts are normally ignored or separated from science. This workshop explores the use of music as a way of harmonizing the arts and science by giving participants & educators the tools needed to both develop music instruments and learn music using an enjoyable design experience,

Instruments picked from different regions in Colombia, Guatemala and Kenya, which is where the workshop facilitators are from.

Workshop Schedule:

  • Introduction and team formation (10 minutes)
  • Summary of the goals and methodology. The workshop will be worked on in pairs. Each team will build a guitar in addition to either a flute or a drum. Pairs will be grouped into two bigger teams according to the instrument they wish to build leading up to the final musical performance conducted by all the participants.
  • Safety Recommendations (5 minutes)
  • Flute/Drum Construction (1 hour)
  • Guitar Construction (2  hours)
  • Break (15 minutes)
  • Electronics (45 minutes)
  • Ensemble Instructions and Dynamics (5 minutes)
  • Practice Session (30 minutes)
  • Final Performance (5 minutes)