Drawing Together

Drawing TogetherWhen: Saturday, October 15

Where: Room 308 – CERAS Building, Stanford

Who: Andrea Kantrowitz (SUNY New Paltz, New Paltz, NY, USA)


Build your capacity to use drawing as a tool for discovery for yourself and your students.  Drawing allows us to freely play with thoughts and perceptions on paper without a clear end in mind. Artists, architects, designers and engineers draw to generate and explore new ideas as part of their professional practice. This guided improvisational drawing workshop jumpstarts the discovery process, as participants learn from observing and working with one another.

The workshop structure is based on an interdisciplinary study that integrated methods and theory from art and cognitive psychology to study cognitive interactions underlying contemporary artists’ improvisational drawing practices.

Workshop schedule:

  • Introduction: Drawing as a tool for discovery (5 minutes)
  • Guided individual guided experimental drawing (10 minutes)
  • Individual editing, selection and refinement (10 minutes)
  • Collection of individual drawing and small group formation (5 minutes)
  • Guided group drawing (45 minutes)
  • Exhibition of group drawings (10 minutes)
  • Final Reflection and group discussion (20 minutes)