Drawing Space/Thinking Space

Drawing Space Thinking SpaceWhen: Sunday, October 16

Where: Room 204 – CERAS Building, Stanford

Who: Andrea Kantrowitz (SUNY New Paltz, New Paltz, NY, USA)


Understanding, manipulating and transforming two and three-dimensional objects in the world and in our minds takes spatial reasoning. Combining origami and drawing, this workshop offers a series of challenges to participants’ spatial skills which reveal multiple aspects of visuo-spatial reasoning. Participants will generate a series of drawings which explore the relationship between two and three dimensions. They will learn to explain the components of spatial intelligence to themselves and their colleagues, and walk away with tools they can immediately apply to their own classroom practice. No prior skill in drawing or paper-folding is required!

Workshop schedule:

  • Individual drawings of origami boxes from observation (5 minutes)
  • Introduction to spatial reasoning talk (10 minutes)
  • Drawing the process of unfolding origami (25 minutes)
  • Folding new origami boxes (25 minutes)
  • Small group collaborative paper sculpture (10 minutes)
  • Individual drawings of collaborative paper sculptures (10 minutes)
  • Final Reflection and group discussion (20 minutes)