Cardboard Arcade

Cardboard ArcadeWhen: Sunday, October 16
Where: 1st Floor Lobby – CERAS Building, Stanford
Who: Christine Mytko & students (Black Pine Circle School, Berkeley, CA, USA)


In this workshop, participants will build their own Cardboard Arcade game as an introduction to a project we use as our middle school maker launch project.  Participants use low-tech tools (cardboard, duct tape, foil) and augment them with higher-tech MaKey MaKey boards and Scratch programming to make their games even more interactive.  The arcade is then set up for community participation.  This project gives participants experience with the basics of fabrication, physical computing, basic programming, collaboration, and iteration, as well as the confidence to implement this activity in their own classrooms and other learning spaces. This project has been successfully implemented in grades 4-12 and e-handouts and curriculum guides will be provided.  The workshop is based on an activity inspired by Caine’s Arcade and implemented at Black Pine Circle School in Berkeley, CA.

Workshop schedule:

  • Introduction to our middle school maker program (5 min)
  • Introduction to the Cardboard Arcade project – tips for implementing in schools (10 min)
  • Small group crash course in using Makey Makey & Scratch (differentiated by previous experience level) (20 min)
  • Build your own cardboard arcade (in groups) (55 min)
  • Share projects (10 min)