Bringing a Robot Petting Zoo to Life

Petting Zoo

When: Saturday, October 15

Where: Room 107A & 107B – CERAS Building, Stanford

Who: Bambi Brewer (Birdbrain Technologies LLC, Pittsburgh, PA, USA)
Andrew Milne (Lawrence Hall of Science, Berkeley, CA, USA)


In this workshop, participants will use the Hummingbird robotics kit to create an animal for a robot petting zoo. The workshop will include an introduction to controlling motors, lights, and sensors using Scratch. Participants will also explore a variety of digitally fabricated mechanisms before they begin to design, build, and program their animal. Finally, this workshop will include teaching tips and a discussion of how to implement a robot petting zoo in a classroom or makerspace.

Workshop schedule:

  • 20 minutes – Introduction to Hummingbird & Programming
  • 10 minutes – Experimenting with Mechanisms
  • 45 minutes – Creating a Robot Animal
  • 10 minutes – Project Showcase
  • 15 minutes – Facilitating a Robot Petting Zoo: Logistics & Teaching Practices